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BeauTeaFul Tea: Green Tea, Fruit, Flowers, Herbs & Spices

                    Enhances Skin - Brain - Immune Cells*

L-Theanine, Caffeine, Gingerol, Magnesium & Good Vibes


  • Organic, Regenerative & Fair-Trade Ingredients, Low Caffeine
  • Whole Leaf Earl Grey Infused S. Indian Nilgiri Style Green Tea, Bergamot Oil, Lemon, Orange, Lemon Balm, Rose, Ginger, & Calendula
  • Enhanced with PowerPowder: 14 Electrolytes, Activator Elements & Trace Minerals


Blessed with Reiki Energy & the Intention of  Receptivity & Confidence

(Designed & Blessed by Reiki Master Teacher & Rev Trella M. Davis)


  • Air-Tight Resealable & Reusable Eco Bag
  • 75 Gram Bag Makes ≈ 35 16oz servings or 70 cups
  • All-Natural, Vegan & Non-GMO
  • No: Sugar/Soy/Dairy/Yeast/Additives/Preservatives/Gluten
  • Tasting Notes: Earl Grey/Bergamot, Soft Citrus, Lightly Grassy, Bright, & Herbaceously Sweet
  • Whole Leaf Green Tea, Dried Fruits & Herbs Mixed Blend 92% FairTrade Ingredients
  • Very Low Caffeine ≈ 20mg/cup
  • 0 Calories ≈ pH 6.5
  • Made from 90% Certified Kosher Ingredients **Not Kosher Certified, yet ... most tea, herbs & spices are Kosher/Passover appropriate and we have 100% Ingredients Transparency Information


Research Backed Health Info:

A Natural & Clean approach to better hydration, skin care, & body detox.

Organic S. Indian Nilgiri region style Whole Leaf Green Tea: Green Tea has so many researched backed uses for health & skin see Trella’ or WebMD to start to learn more. Needs Iron to work.


Bergamot oil (Earl Grey): Reduces Low-Density Lipoproteins/Lowers Cholesterol, Helps Maintain Body’s CoQ10 reserves, Helps Clean Arteries, Heals Cold Sores, Anti-Anxiety, Anti-bacterial, Astringent, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-fungal, Metabolic Syndrome Treatment, Anticonvulsant, Protects against UV rays, Calms Eczema & Psoriasis. Needs Potassium to work.


Calendula: Helps Skin Acne, Turnover, Wrinkles, Burns, Bruises, Cuts, Dryness, Inflammation, Infection & Dermatitis.


Ginger: Weight Loss, Anti-nausea, Lowers Blood Sugar & Blood Pressure, Supports Energy, Stamina, & Reduces some types of pain.  Anti-aging, Hair growth, Ups Circulation, Protects against UV rays & more. Needs micro minerals & Magnesium to work.


Orange Peel: Relieves Constipation, Helps Respiration, High Vit C & A,  Immune & Lung Health, Speeds Skin Healing, Blood Sugar Stabilizer, Supports Metabolism, Lowers Cholesterol, Anti-Allergic (Moderates Histamine), & Alkalinizing.


Lemon Peel: May Dissolve Gallstones, Treats Oxidative Damage, Anti-Cancer, Lowers Cholesterol, Helps Oral Health, Support Metabolism & Weight Loss, Immune Support, Skin Clarifying & Exfoliant, Detoxifying, & General Household Cleaner


Rose: Anti-aging, Moisturizing, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-oxidant, Evens Skin Tone, Reduces Acne Sebum, Aromatic Mood Booster, Anti-Microbial, Reduces Period Symptoms, Light Sedative, Emotional Stabilizer & more.


Lemon Balm: Body: Immune Booster, Light Sedative, Anti-Microbial, Anti-viral, Mood Enhancing, Increases GABA in Brain, Reduces Dementia & Alzheimer's symptoms, Anti-Anxiety, & Gut Health; Skin: Sebum Reducer, Pore Clearing, & UV Protection.

Resveratrol (from Grape Skins): Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-oxidant, Improves Cholesterol, Lowers Blood Pressure, Slows Aging, Reduces Alzheimer’s Brain Plaque Formation, Antioxidant Effects on free radicals, Anticancer, Cardioprotective, Neuroprotective, Anti-Wrinkle, UV Ray Protection, & more.


Enhanced with:

PowerPowder Electrolytes & Trace Minerals: Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Zinc, Phosphorous, Boron, Iron, Lithium, Sulfur, Bicarbonate, Orotic Acid, Vit C, & Citric Acid.


Contains Caffiene so not recommened for those pregnant or breastfeeding.

BeauTeaFul Tea: Beautifying & Skin Care

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  • Steeping: Brew 1g or teaspoon tea with 2 cups of water that is steaming (≈180℉), not boiling (≈212℉). The essential oils in the tea, fruits, and herbs pieces are what hold all the medicinal and flavor properties, so its bad to scald them.

    Steep 3 to 5+ minutes to taste. Re-steep up to 1 time.

    Drink hot, warm, iced or mixed into a smoothie, or cocktail beverage.

    Master Cleanse: To Tea add lemon, lime or grapefruit juice, with fresh ginger and/or cayenne along with honey or stevia.

    Cooking: Blitz dry tea or used wet leaves in a blender and add to desserts, pancakes, or savory rice. Mix it with salt and spices to flavor tofu, plant protein, chicken or fish. Infuse a simple syrup or vodka to enjoy super premium flavored beverages.

    Skin & Scalp: Spray tea on face, body & hair for natural toner and nutrient base before daily serum/creams. After washed, use to rinse scalp and leave on. Add tea or tea and botanicals to a soaking bath for various skin benefits.

    BeauTeaFul is one of Trella's Tea Blessed Bath blends.

    Fruit & Veg Wash: Make Tea 16oz  with 1 teaspoon each salt & vinegar in container (store in fridge). Spray on produce and let sit 1 minute then rinse or add 2-3 oz to fresh water to soak produce 5 mintues and rinse.

    Pet Rinse: With climate change, flea and tic season has become longer or year round. Here is a natural, inexpensive and non-poison based protection for your fur babies. Mix tea alone or with Pleasant Present Mints Tea 1 teaspoon each to make 16oz tea. Let cool and after your pet is washed, pour on/massage in fur all over as a leave in rinse. The continue use as rinse or spray weekly/daily (going forward only soap bathe your pet as you normally would). Will help skin and coat health as well as offer some natural protection against fleas and tics.

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