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Only the Very Best of  Nature & Human Intentions

A superior product means superior quality by respecting nature and humans. We source product from gardens, producers and farm/gardens direct importers who are committed to Organic, Fair Trade, and Transparency of Process.


Kosher/Passover Appropriate:

90%+ ingredients are Kosher Certified. We buy KSA certified extracts typically. Some tea blends have extracts which include, glycerin, water and botanical essential oils. Some extracts have alcohol (not Halal)  instead of glycerin which we are transitioning away from. 

Organic - All Natural - Vegan - NonGMO - Sugar Free - Gluten Free



Products must have at least 20% FairTrade ingredients to be considering for certification. That means ingredients were made according to rigorous fair trade standards that promote sustainable livelihoods, safe working conditions, protection of the environment, and strong, transparent supply chains. While not certified yet, we have between 70-100% FairTrade certified ingredients in all tea blends.



Farmer - Local Collective - Traders - Wholesalers - Large Wholesalers-Exporters-Importers-Re-packer/Wholesalers-Retailer-You


Gardens/Farmers - Importer or Producer - Trella's Tea - You

We purchase from Gardens, Farms, Producers & Importers who typically or exclusively work directly with Farms & Gardens. Which oddly means no, we are not saving any money, actually spending a whole lot more because getting super premium, organic, FairTrade, stringently tested ingredients that are wonderful means paying like a lot for them. But it goes to the right people and helps ensure the effort it takes to do things right in the Sight of God, the Earth, and Humanity.


By working with certified organic, certified Kosher, and certified FairTrade producers and importers it allows a high assurance of quality. Testing for pathogens (bacteria, fungus), general testing and inspection, and testing for heavy metals like lead. Any plant will absorb what is in the soil and air around it, and China burns a lot of coal and has a much higher lead contamination level where some countries or areas growing tea have almost none like Japan or Hawaii. Much of the green tea base we use for blending is from the Niligiris, Tamil Nadu region in S. India (near Coimbatore) which has nature preserves, organic gardens and is literally the cleanest large area of India. North India unfortunately has very polluted air quality at this time.


NO Irradiated or Ethylene Oxide Treated Ingredients:

Many food, beverage, toiletries, skin care and makeup companies use ingredients that are treated. This is to help reduce biological organisms like bacteria or fungi as well as any pests like bugs or rodents. Food irradiation is a food safety process that uses radiation to kill germs that can cause food poisoning (foodborne illness). According to US Center for Disease Control, food irradiation is safe, and its safety and efficacy have been endorsed by various federal agencies and intergovernmental organizations.

That being said, we get products that are not irradiated or treated. Research (see Center for Food Safety) also shows that irradiation forms volatile toxic chemicals such as benzene and toluene, chemicals known, or suspected, to cause cancer and birth defects. Irradiation also causes stunted growth in lab animals fed irradiated foods. 

To understand this better consider the difficulty, focus and regular work involved to keep your pet relatively free from fleas and ticks; flea medicine means applying a topical or ingested low to medium low grade poison. Large corporations and governments are looking to minimize immediate risks as affordably as possible. 


Handling food or skin care ingredients means face masks, gloves, aprons and hair covers/ties. Of course plenty of hand-washing. We literally small batch blend so fresh and personal care matters to how we curate little works of art that you enjoy in your cup.


Be it our Blessed Bath Teas or Tea Blends and more, a ridiculous amount of research goes into EVERYTHING. Example: So does it matter that almost all bath salts brands have you only use a few ounces of product? Yes, yes it does, when in fact you need at least a pound for the typical 30-40 gallon bath for an effective quantity.  Making sure to have adequate black pepper in our Body Harmony Chai is critical; you don't have enough black pepper when you consume turmeric, your body will not absorb 90% of the turmeric. 


Fundraise with Us & 100% Profits Go To Your Cause 

Schools - Environmental Causes - Religious Orgs - Women & Children's Rights

To see if your cause can qualify, contact



No Water No Tea Currently Supporting: Ban Confetti & Micro Waste - Trella's Tea Founder Trella M. Davis is working with the staff of CA State Senator Dave Cortese about trying to get an amendment to CA Penal Code  374.3 - Illegal Dumping Law to designate Confetti, Glitter, Balloons, etc. as Micro Waste and illegal to dump in public parks and lands. Sign the petition.

Trella's Tea is a local California Bay Area 100% Woman Owned Business (Owned by The Founder Trella M. Davis)

Quality & Social Responsibility: Quality Control
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