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"Trella's functional tea and her programs have been a successful and amazing part of our practice for over 10 years. So many lives changed for the better." - Dr. Sarah Tony, Optimal Living Institute Founder

- Dr. Sarah Tony

Purple Flower

"Your tea makes me feel special. And it smells so good."

- Jocelyn S., San Jose, CA

Image by Greg Rakozy

“Going through chemo was a nightmare but now with my program I get a little spa moment with your tea. It’s a therapy that I enjoy.”

- Z.T. Marine County, CA

Image by Raoul Droog

"I LOVE your teas! Each one is like a present because I just feel so great!"

- Amy, Coeur d'Alene, ID

Image by Todd Quackenbush

"I just kept buying more and more to give to friends and family as I know they will looooove it like I do."

- Melanie, Mead, WA

Image by Adam Thomas

"This is more than an amazing tea - it's like a tasty treasure for my health." - A.R., Garland, TX

- A. Reed, Garland, TX

Image by Kent Rebman

"Wow - these are gorgeous! Even my kids love them."

- Ben, Cedar Rapids, ID


"I am particular about what tea I will drink. Trella's Tea passes the test."

-H. Sakamoto, Cupertino, CA

Flower Boy


-George S., Post Falls, ID
(regularly orders to give to friends)

Golden Retriever

""Moroccan Dreams tastes wonderful and it really helps with relieving bloat. Thankfully it fits in with my very special diet. Plus my daughter enjoys the little treats that sometimes come with our orders."

-Shanna S., Spirit Lake, ID

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