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Angels & Demons Organic Black Tea & Spices

Complex flavors, sensuous, and smooth, this tea drinks like aged dark liquor or sophisticated dessert … except it does not contain those and ... it’s good for you.

Set with the Intention: Inspired Balance

(Designed & Blessed by Reiki Master Teacher & Ordained Reverend Trella M. Davis


All organic this unique blend tastes like the naughty side even though it is quite nice. Whole leaf black tea smokey lapsang souchong with carob (which gives the chocolate flavor and aroma), orange peel pieces, calendula flowers, pungent Cassia cinnamon powder, with natural organic extracts to create a unified flavor that sips smooth and very satisfying. Tasting this brew, no individual component stands out: the different components blend harmoniously creating a unique flavor profile of its own.


Organic Whole Leaf Black Tea has many healing properties and a few others green does not; it's from the same species as White, Green & Oolong Tea - only it's just fully oxidized. Learn more about the health of black tea. This black whole leaf tea blend contains Lapsang Souchong which is historic from the tea caravans on the Silk Road and authentically smokey and robust. 

Carob Seeds are a chocolate-like flavor and have been used since ancient Egyptians and Greeks for food and flavor as well as for treating obesity, heartburn and for ... how shall we say ... “improving athletic performance” … wink, wink.* Plus no chocolate means no chocolate problems like lead and other toxic heavy metals as well as no chocolate production environmental costs (chocolate is surprizingly as CO2 (4.2 kg CO2 eq./kg) and environmentally damaging on the level of animal farming.

Orange Peel is delicious, and provide skin benifits as well as vitamins and contain electrolytes and alkalinizing.

Calendula Petals have been used in Indian Ayurvedic Medicine to heal wounds and reduce inflammation.

Cinnamon brings forth the feelings of being warmed by the sun

Vanilla offers the comfort of feeling wrapped in a luxurious blanket.

Organic & Natural Flavors: Rum, vanilla, cayenne, cinanmon, citruses and other flavors make a warming sparkle. 


Add plant milk with Stevia/Monk Fruit or Honey a decadent treat that is Treat Yourself Right.


Enhanced with: 

PowerPowderTrella Reverend Blessed complete set of Alkalizing electrolytes and enhancing ionic mineral salts from PowerPowder are added make this dark brew a super functional and highly hydrating elixir. This makes your filtered water have the micro doses of minerals it natural would if coming from a clean spring (Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, Zinc, Phosphate, Bicarbonate, Chloride, Sulfur, Iron, Iodine, Boron, Manganese and other trace minerals).


Resealable & Resuable Eco 75 Gram Bag:  Makes 35 16oz servings or 70 cups

            Made with Organic Ingredients, All-Natural, Gluten-Free


Tasting Notes: Aromatic, Complex, Super Smooth & Sublte-sweet

Whole Leaf Black Tea, Dried Fruits, Oils & Spices Mixed Blend


75% FAIRTrade Ingredients

No Sugar/Soy/Dairy/Yeast/Additives/Preservatives, Vegan & Non-GMO

≈ 45mg/cup Med-Low Caffeine, ≈ pH 6.5 & 0 Calories


Steeping & Use: Brew 1 heaping teaspoon of tea with 2 cups of water that is just before full boil (≈205-210℉ or 95-98°C). The essential oils in the tea, flowers, and fruit pieces are what hold all the medicinal and flavor properties, so to get the best out don’t scald them with rolling boil water. Let steep 5-10+ minutes depending on your desired taste. Drink hot, warm, iced or mixed into a smoothie, or cocktail/mocktail beverage. Pairs perfectly with animal or plant milks. Re-steep up to 1 time.


This dark spirited brew is fantastic for Boba Tea. Also amazing in cakes, cookies or pancakes.  Mix it into baking or chocolate recipes or any Fall or Valentines themed spiced concoctions. Mocktails, cocktails, or added to hot cocoa, this is a yummy upleveled taste experience.

Add used leaves to a cooking recipe, house plants or compost.


*Learn More: WebMD

*Not evaluated by FDA. Not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Contains Caffiene, so not recommeded for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Angels & Demons - Vanilla Rum with Orange & Carob 'Chocolate' Tea Blend

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  • Getting a subscription with Trella's Tea is like having automatic irrigation for your garden - it just makes sense. You just made treat yourself into treat yourself right done easy. Some of the best 100% natural, organic and when possible Fair Trade spices, herbs, fruits, flowers, essential oils, and of course tea are artfully and painstakingly hand selected from around the globe. Then after much scientific researching and creative artistry of blending, these little bundies of joy teas are small batch blended and packed in San Jose, California by hand - really. Every product gets not just intention but a blessing and energy healing to work with the power of plants.

    Each month your special selection will arrive lovingly well wrapped up in a reusable bubble mailer or compostable natural craft box and include from time to time an extra surprise.

    Maybe it is imported Javanese 100% natural tea candy ... or a new tea sample ... possibly a cool original piece of music or guided meditation you can download ... or The Best Professional Tea Brewing Guide ... and definitely while you wait for your next arrival, in your email ... there will be an awesome monthly gift of knowledge of cutting-edge tea science, recipes, health information, tea culture/history, personal wellness tools and more! Your subscription is so much more that a monthly gift.

    Being on Trella's Tea Team is a commitment to living great. I want you on my TEAm. 

  • Black Tea (yes Black Tea not just Green is Healthy too)

    Why Black Tea is Healthy Too

    Green Tea Gets All the Love; here's why Black Tea is healthy too.

    This is quick list of most of the benefits of Black tea. It has many healing properties and a few others green does not; it is from the same species of plant as White, Green & Oolong Tea - it's just fully oxidized.

    The majority of tea research and tea health research for decades was predominately only coming from Japan, which very exclusively prefers and makes only green teas.

    Black tea has several differences from White, Green or Oolong. The most pronounced is Black tea contains more theaflavins while green tea contains more epigallocatechin gallate (also called EGCG).

    Black Tea Helps:

    • Improves good cholesterol, & supports heart health

    • Helps stabilize blood sugar, ups metabolism, & aids weight loss

    • Is nootropic L-Theanine & Caffeine (focus, concentration & recall improving) & a calmer stimulant

    • Helps lower blood pressure, & reduces stoke incidence

    • Improves gut micro-biome (increases the good bacteria), & calms digestion (intestinal tract calming)

    • Anti-cancer, Anti-septic, Anti-oxidant, & Anti-aging

    • Helps oral health (contains natural fluoride)

    • Reduces anxiety/calming,& lifts mood

    • Supports immune system

    • Improves skin texture, reduces swelling (e.g. tea bags on the eyes), helps hair growth & strength

    • Helps reduce & eliminate mineral deposits that cause kidney stones

    • Tastes so good you don't drink some crap beverage instead

    • And yes again this is all research backed findings on BLACK tea


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