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Why a Bath is Better than a Shower for Health

In the US most people tend take showers instead of as preference out of habit and the need for speed of time. The same research shows that overwhelming 80%+ think better of baths for relaxation and therapeutic reasons.

Personally I do a shower and when I have time a shower, exfoliate with a scrub, then a bath which this method has stood the test of time across the globe from Romans to modern Japanese.

Here's why adding a bath in more often is great for your health:

  • Baths promote better exfoliation and overall skin health: Many skin issues to ailments are improved by a soaking bath; rinsing doesn't allow dead skin, oils, dirt and environmental pollution to completely come of as well as soaking. Baths also allow beneficial oils, salts and other therapies to be used or used better. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends a warm bath instead of hot as a hot one can dry out skin.

  • Baths improve blood circulation, muscle relaxation and reduce joint pain. Research shows chronic diseases like arthritis and fibromyalgia are improved with bathing.

  • Improved hearth health, lowered blood pressure and reductions in cardiovascular disease. See study.

  • Baths help mental health, depression, anxiety and chronic stress. No surprise on this, but research shows that regular hydrotherapy consistently supports lasting improvements emotional and mental health issues.

  • Baths improve sleep. The relaxation helps with falling asleep and the better temperature regulation through increases in circulation helps you to stay asleep. Studies show even a 10 min bath has positive improvements on sleep.

  • Baths are a convenient and very affordable luxury/therapy. While many don't have the time or money for a massage or other beauty/health treatment, if you have a bath tub you're set. And if not, there are plenty of affordable portable ones too.

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